Salt Cave

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with food grade fine crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors placed along the walls and also displayed in wooden crates. This salt is dry and clean.

To ensure the purest quality, we use Himalayan pink crystal salt. The size of the room is 450 sq. feet which allows 8+ persons to comfortably be seated during the Halotherapy sessions. Children have a dedicated area to play in order not to disturb the others. The salt cave itself is a completely separate space, isolated from the rest of our store areas.

Inside the salt cave, visitors can experience the following conditions:

* humidity of 40-50%

* temperature of 70-75 F

* the aerosol concentration of 0,5-15 mg/m3

The salt aerosol consists of salt particles in sizes of 1-5 micrometers. The particles carry kinetic energy which is succeeding immediately after crushing the salt crystals in the grinder.

The salt concentration of the air in the treatment area is approximately 73.5 mg (0.0002592 oz) – similar to the consistency of salty air at the beach on an average morning. But the salt consistency can be adjusted: in case of different diseases, various cure modes can be implemented.

The salt cave prefigures a dry, sterile and hermetic space. The large amount of dry rock salt creates a special microclimate which is identical to the underground salt caves.

The visitors sit in relaxed positions on comfortable lounge chairs during the sessions. Calming music is added to help them relax. The aerosol emerging from the salt generator is beneficial for various health conditions. Click here to read about the benefits of halotherapy.

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