The Himalayas

Between 30 and 50 million years old, the Himalaya Mountain Range is located in Asia and is home to mountains with the highest elevation in the world, including Mount Everest. The highest peak reaches 26,000 feet. The colossal mountain range stretches across 1700 miles and 6 countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, China, and Bhutan – the largest portions of the range in Nepal and Bhutan. The word Himalaya means “abode of snow”.

Within the Himalayas you will find many rivers flowing between the mountains, including the Ganga, Brahma, and Indus, the largest river in the mountain range. In addition to rivers, there are many lakes beautiful lakes, mostly the product of glacial activity. Within these rivers and lakes that cover the majestic mountain range, you will find an ancient treasure that people for generations have coveted: Himalayan salt. Millions of years ago, water within the Himalayan mountain range evaporated under the hot sun and left pure, beautiful crystals of salt behind. The salt formed when the earth was pristine and free of toxins, and today, each grain of salt remains untainted and clean.

For centuries, Himalayan salt has been valued for its purity and its beauty, and has long been a staple within the communities which reside in the area. Also known as “King Salt”, salt of the Himalayas has been traded, bought, and sold as a precious commodity. People from around the world have travelled to Nepal with one goal in mind: to buy precious Himalayan salt and use it in their cooking and in their baths and beauty treatments.

Himalayan salt is reported to contain 84 elements that naturally occur in the ocean as well as in our bodies. The benefits of using Himalayan salts (both as bath salts and as table salt) are far- reaching and have been enjoyed by people around the world. It is used as a delectable ingredient in food, and is enjoyed as a soothing addition to any bath. Himalayan salt comes from the many intertwining bodies of water located deep within the Himalayan Mountains.

It has been known for its natural purity since ancient times, and has always been a staple in the area’s economy. Historically, and up into the present day, it has served as a valuable source of income and as a treasured commodity in remote villages and towns. Scientific research has demonstrated, through double-blind studies, the positive effects of Himalayan Crystal Salt on the body:

  • Re-mineralizes the body with 84essential minerals and trace elements.
  • Dissolves and releases crystallized deposits.
  • Cleanses the intestines and improves skin condition.
  • Replenishes electrolytes, helps to balance pH levels, and can normalize blood pressure.
  • Significant positive changes in respiratory, digestive, organ, circulatory, connective tissue, and
  • nervous system tissues.
  • Increases quality of energy, sleep, concentration levels, nail and hair growth, and weight loss.
  • Patients have reported weakened addictions

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