~ This experience was such a wonderful healing + cleansing. My whole body relaxed, released toxins, uplifting energy enhanced with the peaceful tranquility that will leave you regenerzied, joyful, and filled with excitement to meet a new day in the journey of your life.~ Diane Littejohns


~Amazing, amazing experience. I could feel the effects of minerals just in on session. I am going to continue coming back! ~ Shabir.


~Never tried this before. We really love it! We will be back for sure, also an amazing afternoon activity~ Kevin.


~ The BEST! so relaxing, and healing. Deep breaths outside are hard, inside the cave it is instant. Such positive energy. My congestion is gone.~ Carmen




~ The massage lasted an hour. I went first as Dave spent his first hour sitting in the Salt Cave, meditating to calming music while wrapped in a cozy blanket.  What is a salt cave you ask? It is a room made completely out of salt. There are large chunks of salt rocks on the walls, salt on the floor and even the air has a salty consistency the same as what you would find on the beach at the sea.

The salt cave is a rejuvenating room composed of negative ions in the salt relieving congestion, allergies and asthma. It boosts immunity, the respiratory system and helps improve the condition of the skin. They say that a half hour in the salt cave has cleansing effect equivalent to a three day fast. In Europe salt caves have already caught on and Oakville is leading the way to bring it to Canada.

Once I was finished with my massage, it was time to switch. I went into the salt cave as Dave enjoyed his massage. Dave thought I wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the cave because I can’t seem to turn off my brain these days, but I was instantly transformed to a state of well being and relaxation. I could have stayed in there for hours clearing my mind.

We both raved about our massage and had an amazing time chilling out for the afternoon. Deborah worked out all our kinks and knots and left us relaxed and ready to head to our hotel to enjoy our evening in the city.~ http://theplanetd.com/unique-gift-experience-for-the-holidays/


~ The other day, I went to a salt cave, which apparently has healing properties. So, I guess you can say I got cured in salt. After which, I got a massage – Thai style.

Well put me on the menu, because I sound like a tasty dish – or at least a cheesy one.

That said, if you’re not in the mood for cheese, but perhaps more in the mood for a day of relaxation, you too could try a trip to a salt cave.

As a Sambassador for Samba Days gift experiences, I’ve tried many things: ziplining, haute cuisine, DJing wiki-wiki-style, bed and breakfasting, flying a plane dangerously close to the CN Tower … So as you can certainly appreciate, I desperately needed a little pampering. And when getting pampered, why not bring along the lady who used to change your poopy Pampers.

Yup. I took Mama Kurtz along for the ride, when I braved the busiest highway in the world to go to Saltcave Solana in Oakville. (Oakville is about 40 minutes to 4½ hours from Toronto, depending on traffic, of course.) That’s how much I wanted to go: I played Toronto Traffic Roulette to go on this Samba Days Body and Soul Rejuvenate experience.

Typically, with the package I chose, you are given the choice of a 60-minute deep tissue massage and 50 minutes in the cave, or a 60-minute Thai massage and two 50-minute sessions in the cave. I selected the Thai massage – and my sweetest puppy dog eyes expression – requesting that my mom be given one of the sessions, so we could spend time in the cave together.

Salt caves are apparently quite popular in Europe. Some are even built next to hospitals, as some doctors suggest it helps patients with respiratory, inflammation and exhaustion issues. With just one visit, I can’t confirm or deny this, but I can say that salt castles are fun to make, especially with soothing music in the background.

To give you an idea of what it’s like, imagine a Himalayan salt (the healthier, pink salt) sandbox, with salt rock walls, twinkling lights on a salted ceiling, a waterfall, and an orangey-glow surrounding you. The room is a comfortable temperature, and every time you inhale [insert Bill Clinton joke here], you get a gentle taste of salt. It’s really the only way salt can ever lower your blood pressure.

So, after the 50-minutes in the cave, I got ready for my Thai massage, and my mom woke up. (Yeah, she wasn’t the best company in there, but I was due August 1st and was born August 27th, so to be fair, I wasn’t the best company back then.)

So 60-minutes of acupressure and Thai-massagery later, it was back to the busiest highway in the world – at rush hour. I know, you feel so bad for me that you want to start a fund. You know what? Use that money to get a Samba Days experience instead. It’ll be worth its salt. ~ http://www.dahliakurtz.com/2/post/2013/04/how-i-got-cured-in-salt.html

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