Fall special : $120

Thai massage for 2 people. Have massage and learn massage. Find out the ways to help each other to relieve pain and stress.

Amazing deal: $109 for 1 hr thai massage including reflexology, 30 min infrared sauna and 50 min salt cave session.

Please book an appointment before you visit.

We design and build state of art saltcaves for hotels, homes or as per your needs.

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Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan Salt Cave is a 100% natural, drug free remedy for asthma, hayfever and other respiratory illnesses. The microclimate created in the Himalayan Salt Cave is a concentrati on of many valuable trace elements: iodine, magnesium and potassium. It relieves congested airways, coughs and sleepless nights due to the asthma att acks and other symptoms. Read more »

Salt Cave

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with food grade fine crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors placed along the walls and also displayed in wooden crates. This salt is dry and clean. To ensure the purest quality, we use Himalayan pink crystal salt. The size of the room is 450 sq. feet which allows 8+ persons to comfortably be seated during the Halotherapy sessions. Chi Read more »

About Us

Your Unique Way To A Healthy Life - Nature's Healing Power Even before the modern drugs were formulated, salt was already used by many homes to combat certain symptoms. The Himalayan salt provides beneficial all natural, free-harsh chemical remedies for different body conditions. The brine solution of this Himalayan salt is the fluid state of the sun or light energy. In this combination, balance is being achieved si Read more »